InsightIDR Was XDR Before XDR Was a Thing

  • Unified SIEM and XDR is here
    InsightIDR is lightweight, cloud-native, and has real world vetting by our global MDR SOC teams. Let’s talk.

  • Change your job without changing jobs
    Own your entire attack surface with more signal, less noise, embedded threat intelligence and automated response.

  • Anticipate attackers, stop them cold
    Certain behaviors foreshadow breaches. Static rules can’t match our advanced detections library and continuous baselining of healthy activity.

  • Elevate your outcomes instantly
    Scale and analyze data faster. Get detailed timelines, playbooks. XDR keeps your CEO off the nightly news (and gets you home in time to see it).

Built and vetted by experts

InsightIDR has internal and external threat intel for our post-perimeter era, and the world’s most used penetration testing framework Metasploit. We do relentless research with Projects Sonar and Lorelei. And because “we drink our own champagne” in our global MDR SOC, we understand your user experience.

Goodbye to alert fatigue

It’s one of many ways the security industry has failed you: you shouldn’t chase false alerts or get desensitized to real ones. InsightIDR gives you trustworthy, curated out-of-the box detections.

Show immediate ROI

The SIEM is a foundation — agile, tailored, adaptable, and built in the cloud. You’ll be up and running quickly while continuously upleveling your capabilities as you grow into the platform. Ready for XDR? Say the word.

Restack the odds in your favor

Whether you're new to detection and response, or have outgrown your current program, with InsightIDR you'll:

  • Deploy and see value in days, not months
  • Drive efficiencies to make more space in your day
  • Gain complete visibility of your environment
  • Respond to threats in 1/3 of the time

Rapid7's Insight Platform trusted by over 10,000 organizations across the globe.

Take control with a SIEM leader and the only one that can really do XDR

Our Services

Managed Detection and Response

Accelerate your security maturity and ability to detect and respond to threats with our experts’ hands-on, 24/7/365 monitoring.

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Deployment Services

Our deployment services for InsightIDR help you get up and running to ensure you see fast time-to-value from your investment over the first 12 months.

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Training & Certification

Get the most out of your incident detection and response tools with specialized training and certification for InsightIDR.

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